We believe a more just South is possible—and it starts with shifting the stories we tell. Support non-profit media that does things differently.

It's damn near impossible to read or listen to mainstream, traditional news without being met with what "conservatives" or "liberals" are doing, but as Southerners we understand that narrative is way more complex than "left" and "right". 

At Scalawag, we believe that the most righteous narratives help us understand who is fighting for justice and who is upholding systemic oppression. That's why our storytelling aims to make clear who is moving interdependently and with community and who is undermining our collective existence. We'll be the first to tell you those narratives aren't cut and dry either, but when we tell stories that examine power instead of the motives of people we leave a lot more space for folks' humanity and plenty of room for transformational change. 

More often than not, media is used to sustain white supremacy and racism, classism, patriarchy, homophobia and transphobia, and xenophobia. Scalawag is here to prove that it can be used to dismantle systemic oppression and redistribute power too. That's not work we can do alone: We depend on Southern communities, movements, organizers, and of course you, our readers to support us and fight alongside us. Stand in solidarity with us: become a grassroots donor today and help Scalawag do media differently.