Position: Part-time Visual Editor/UX Designer 
Start Date: September 1, 2020
Location: Remote within the US South (preference given to folks working in our hub cities of Atlanta, Birmingham, and Durham)

Scalawag's Mission: Scalawag is a journalism and storytelling organization that illuminates dissent, unsettles dominant narratives, pursues justice and liberation, and stands in solidarity with marginalized people and communities in the South. Online, in person, and through our family of engaged members, Scalawag reimagines the roots and futures of the place we call home.

Job Description: Given the visual culture of today's fast-paced news cycle, it is critical for our organization to win audience attention and create a dynamic visual environment in which audiences can dive into the deep context, critical reporting, and creative thought that Scalawag is known for. Scalawag is looking for a Visual Editor with UX design experience to help strengthen our ability to tell Southern stories visually, to obsess over the look and feel of Scalawag products and channels, and to solidify our successful transition from a gorgeous print based magazine to a digitally-compelling online media outlet. 

Job Responsibilities: The position of Visual Editor/UX Designer sits squarely at the intersection of editorial and engagement responsibilities. You will be expected to create visual assets in keeping with Scalawag's editorial brand, voice, and mission, while also creating brand assets, products, and ads to grow awareness, engagement, loyalty, and conversions at every stage of the funnel. 

As a part time member of our team, you will spend up to 15 hours a week focusing on the following:

Editorial Responsibilities:

  • Commission, manage, and edit original and accompanying photo and video content for all online platforms (website, mobile, Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram)
  • Build and manage a list of reliable Southern photographers and photojournalists
  • Work with Arts & Soul Editor to keep abreast of movements, stories, and artists within the Southern visual arts scene to commission fine arts photo essays
  • Create simple illustrations and/or choose from stock images for reported stories without photos and for editorials, essays, poetry, and other "non-news" pieces
  • Generate visual content specifically for Instagram as a bespoke visual storytelling platform
  • Attend editorial meetings to assess story-based needs and provide updates

Engagement Responsibilities:

  • Design logos, icons, infographics, and branded promo for products, stories, emails, event, ad campaigns, and special products for all platforms to grow brand awareness and membership conversions
  • Own audience building and story promotion on Instagram—choosing, developing, creating simple assets to post related to stories 
  • Work alongside our branding consultant to develop bold and consistent visual brand aesthetic appeal to BlPOC audiences based in our content
  • Work within brand guidelines to create layouts and header images as needed to reinforce style or voice throughout new visual touch points as they arise
  • Design user-centered interaction models, layouts, materials, wireframes or screen mockups as needed
  • Provide or commission photography for in-person events when necessary
  • Attend engagement meetings to plan and execute strategies

Job Qualifications:

  • Commitment to racial justice and dismantling white supremacy
  • Black, Latinx, and Indigenous candidates strongly encouraged to apply
  • A solid foundation in typography, layout, and design
  • Experience in Adobe Creative Suite, including InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator
  • Experience in UX design
  • Experience with video editing
  • Experience with digital and social marketing strongly preferred
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects while effectively managing timelines and expectations
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • The ability to effectively take direction and work both collaboratively and autonomously
  • Background/knowledge of fine arts not necessary but preferred 

Compensation: This position is grant funded at a rate of $35/hr with the expectation of 10 to 15 hours per week for at least six months. The opportunity to become a permanent team member will be assessed after the six month contract expires depending upon performance and fit. 

Scalawag Culture: Scalawag is made up of a mostly-part time team of scrappy Southern organizers, academics, artists, journalists, writers, and editors spread out across the South committed to justice and liberation. 

What makes Scalawag a unique place to work: 

  • We center marginalized folks, not just in our work but also in our organizational culture and structure, particularly Black and queer folks. We are not here for homophobia, white-supremacy, classism or misogyny. 
  • We have a non-hierarchical consensus-driven approach to work.
  • We resist toxic hallmarks of the non-profit industrial complex; we respect boundaries, hours, and priorities outside of Scalawag. 
  • We're deeply intersectional. We like to work with folks who have their hands in several pots. We want you to bring all the things you do outside of Scalawag to bear on our mission to help us create radical, reciprocal Southern community around solidarity and storytelling.  

To Apply: Please send your resume to team@scalawagmagazine.org with a link to your design portfolio by August 6, 2020. We will contact potential candidates for a follow up interview and short performance task.

If you're interested in writing for Scalawag, learn more about how to pitch stories here.