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Southern politics

Plantation Politics: The New Orleans Musicians' Clinic's crisis of credibility

After a mass exodus of staff of color, former employees speak out about the racism, mismanagement, and hypocrisy of NOMAF's toxic workplace.

The New Orleans Musicians' Clinic is a unique and vital health care and social services resource for the city's culture bearers and performing artists. But after more than a dozen resignations, former staff members reveal an internal culture that stands in stark contradiction with the nonprofit's mission.

Arts & Soul

How Tina Turner's trauma remains a hip-hop trope—and why we need to abolish it

Fully reckoning with Turner's legacy forces us to confront an uncomfortable fact: her trauma has often been mocked in the pop landscape that she helped create.

In their lyrics, rappers and hip-hop artists have long reduced Tina Turner's abuse to a metaphor for violence, aggression, and dominance. Erasing the nuance of her lived experience stalls our collective understanding of domestic violence and abolition.

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