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Freedom wasn't given—it was seized

Survivors of slavery share their experiences through Reconstruction in the new podcast series "Seizing Freedom" by Virginia Public Media and Witness Docs, featuring voiceover retellings of Black folks' courageous efforts to reconstruct life on their own terms.

Review: One Night in Miami

What happens when four Black civil rights giants sit down together for one night? Culture writer and organizer Khayla Deans writes a loving ode to the struggles and intimacies of Black male friendship depicted in Regina King's 'One Night in Miami.'

Race & Place

'Pure America': Eugenics past and present

Elizabeth Catte wrote the official takedown of J.D. Vance's Hillbilly Elegy, placing it in a tradition of whitewashed poverty porn. In her follow-up, she traces the history and influence of eugenics from her backyard across the country.

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