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Scalawag – Reckoning with the South

Media for good trouble.
Liberation lives here.

Southern politics

Dissent in the Pentagon of the South

The military-industrial complex is the closest thing the government has to a federal jobs program, but it isn't even very good at that. Alabama anti-war, military insider activists call to end the "welfare program for defense contractors."

Arts & Soul

Behind the scenes in Black Appalachia

Movies like "Hillbilly Elegy" erase the legacy of Black folk in Appalachia. Affrilachian writer Crystal Good shares her experience of the Black folks creating, struggling, and thriving behind the scenes.

Race & Place

When God Calls My Name

After a year marked by grief, the poet Ashley M. Jones considers the power of the name: "Black people do not want to hear their names called and Tweeted and put on T-shirts to gain a new life in American infamy."

Essays & Letters

Long reads