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Media for good trouble.
Liberation lives here.

Southern politics

Blue County, Purple State

In Orange County, North Carolina, midterm preparations illuminate both liberal and conservative fears about voter intimidation, election security, and the struggle for the future of the swing state.

While the county might remain an uphill battle for Republicans, North Carolina as a whole is a political toss-up.

On abortion, count on Gen Z for more than votes

In a midterm election season rife with speculation about "the youth vote," these young Southerners fighting for abortion access know that their work doesn't end on election day.

For all the debate on how young voters will show up in 2022, there's a mismatch between campaigns to engage them and their experiences organizing for reproductive justice on the ground.

How we save ourselves: Interventions beyond the ballot box

As The South Votes, Episode 4. 'Don't boo, just vote' is a tired refrain. It takes more than an election to save ourselves—let alone Democracy.

Groups that employ continued, year-round civic engagement in the South walk us through the connection between electoral power and creating real opportunities for our communities to thrive.

Arts & Soul

Bookmobiles to the rescue

In the state with the most book bans, Texas mobile librarians and booksellers are bridging the access gap.

In 26 states, students' access to books in school is under attack. Texas leads the nation with 16 districts enacting 713 individual bans.

Race & Place

Remembering Tyrik

'My grief is circular, never-ending, omnipresent. I feel like I'd been grieving before you passed.'

My little brother was murdered on his birthday last year. Now I mourn the way violence and trauma disrupted our childhood.

Only Murders in the Building exemplifies the lies in 'true' crime

From true-crime encouraging neighbors to police each other to the liberal lie that Black cops mean progress, two critics reflect on the Hulu series' portrayal of true-crime obsessions.

"The most insidious message of the show is masked behind the comedic brilliance of the performances by Gomez, Martin, and Short—an obsession with true crime makes us, citizens, arm-chair cops eager to figure…

The Dropout dramatizes Elizabeth Holmes' fraudulent rise. Endless military funding is also a scam.

A Black woman in tech reflects on the rise of Elizabeth Holmes, arguing that the Theranos founder got as far as she did because of her commitment to advancing the military and prison industrial complex under the guise of "technology for social good."

"The Dropout portrays, with acute awareness of this reality, the priorities and allegiances of our political leaders. Theranos raised $945 million from high-profile investors and public figures."

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