Scalawag – Reckoning with the South

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Southern politics

What do we mean when we talk about voter suppression?

On this episode of As the South Votes, Cliff Albright of Black Voters Matter Fund joins us to talk through an overview of voter suppression, what it looks like, and what people can do ahead of the upcoming election to protect their vote.

'I'm Black. I'm a mom. I'm mad.'

Erica Robbins, a Black mother and activist in Birmingham, tends to life and death issues for the homeless. As the summer of protests for Black lives comes to an end, organizers like her are holding on to the momentum—and money—raised for their work.

Arts & Soul

Sasha Rewrites Uhmareka

Repurposing the Black America Gothic, Sasha Banks' debut collection "america, Mine" is both a poetic and visual experiment in decolonizing language, history, and land.

Race & Place

field notes


Introducing Abolition Week

For Black August, Scalawag's editorial team explains the motivation behind publishing work centered on Abolition—and why perspectives from incarcerated writers must be included in the newscycle.

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