This may be the most important election of our lives, but the need for civic engagement, ethical reporting, and just action is ever present if we want to ensure strong democracy and strong communities. Join Scalawag and Press On for a two-day virtual event series where we gather stakeholders in media, movement, and our communities to:

  • Fight voter disinformation/misinformation ahead of the election with updates from the frontlines, and
  • Build reciprocal relationship & community in and beyond this election season.

AS THE SOUTH VOTES TOWN HALL: Using Media & Movement to Bust Myths & Disinformation Ahead of the Vote

October 13, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm ET on Zoom
Hosted by Scalawag, in partnership with PEN America

We know that disinformation and misinformation, alongside more blatant tactics of voter suppression, have plagued groups of voters across the South from rural Arkansas, to Black communities to Houston, to the coasts of Florida. At this event, Scalawag and PEN America will shed light on what journalists and community organizers are doing to protect the vote and serve voter needs this election cycle. Attend the panel, hear critical updates from reporters, and ask your questions to experienced journalists and experts working in your community. 

Text Scalawag your questions for our panelists before and during the event!

Click here for more information on Scalawag's As The South Votes, sharing information, tactics, and tips to make sure Southerners can vote with confidence ahead of the 2020 election.

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COVERING THE MOVEMENT: A forum for southern organizers and journalists on covering protest, voting rights, and COVID-19

October 14, 6:30 pm to 8 pm ET on Zoom
Hosted by Press On and The Highlander Center

This event will bring journalists and organizers together to build relationships and community in and beyond this election season. We'll talk about how movement and media can collaborate to cover protest and uprising, voting rights and voter suppression, and COVID and public health. Via panel and also dedicated breakout rooms, movement organizers will have a chance to connect with movement journalists, and movement journalists will hear from movement organizers about their priorities and needs for coverage.

Whether you're a concerned voter, a reporter covering the election, an organizer on the frontlines, or a movement journalist working lock and step with activists, this gathering is for you. Invite your family, your colleagues, and your newsroom. We'll need all of us for the work ahead.

Check out our As The South Votes FAQ page for more resources, links, stories, and videos.

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