Alligator Point Is the Point In Which Points Are Passed

Let's wade out into vasty deep mud thunk

out past that easy silt where sand dollars so teem plenty

that only a nudge of toe beneath

betrays one round scratchy echinoderm

after another

beyond that bar


shivers under and footing troubles the flimsy out where

suspend balloons

beneath so that

some bodies' weight no longer weighs some

and we do not even need

to forget a shore or dash mark to return to

in this way all directions

fractured cone spread sun

our skin aglint let us broad heavy salt

detoxify cells and


the red agape on outer thigh

let's seal float both


past the dominion of sight

a ways where indeterminate we can light up on the line

A Cowboy Hat in the Abdomen

I seek to meet iron glove
to iron glove, bright ping

of steel. Got some hearth and two lips
pine trees thin as

my wrist. Won't you
tulip turn me. Outside

taut, I can still get a mare
and her foal to traipse

to a gate if I click tongue
against teeth. If I bend

my voice under, call to you in same
will your animal rise

on hoove will the horse in you.
Wait, I don't mean

want succumb I don't mean
come when I call.

Blanche Brown grew up in north Florida and is interested in how language can be used to challenge and refashion social relationships (and bring pleasure). Currently, she attends Temple university's MFA program and teaches first-year composition there. She owns two oyster knives.