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Scalawag's weekly newsletter, Salt, Soil, & Supper is like a potluck, as we refuse to leave out those affected by changing climate, dwindling natural resources, and environmental racism. If we're to break bread together, we need to bring everyone to the table, from the coast to the Black Belt.

For the last five years, Scalawag has published countless articles on Southern food and foodways and the environmental efforts led by organizers in Gulf States—but we can do more. Written by a Gulf Coast native, agricultural reporter, and regular Scalawag contributor Xander Peters, Salt, Soil, & Supper helps folks interested in the environment, agriculture, and foodways in the Gulf Coast who want wholistic conversation and analysis by creating an ongoing space where readers hear from both practitioners and policy-makers, and where voices that are often siloed in environmental and agricultural spaces can weigh in. 

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Growing pains

The future for Black farmers in West End and beyond Atlanta looks just as unstable as the present

Will West End farmers continue to thrive in the neighborhood, or will they be displaced elsewhere due to the rapid change—and rising costs—of farming in a gentrifying neighborhood?