Poems on Black Art in the U.S. South

Image created at Scalawag's Summer Jubilee in Atlanta by artist Sachi Rome.

Ekphrasis—translates from the Greek word for "description," known as a form of poetry: to describe a scene, setting, vision, or a moment of entanglement with another art form. 

On the radical usages of Black art, bell hooks writes: "… in such a way that we create collective awareness of the radical place that art occupies within the freedom struggle and of the way in which experiencing art can enhance our understanding of what it means to live as free subjects in an unfree world." 

Scalawag Magazine is seeking submissions of ekphrastic poems engaging the work of Black artists in the U.S. South. While we are only seeking poetry submissions, we are open to various poetic styles and lengths and the art that the poem engages is not limited to any particular medium or theme. Poems can reference music, dance, sculpture, painting, or other forms of lesser recognized cultural production by Black artists with links to the U.S. South. 

Please submit 1-3 poems as an attached word document to editors@scalawagmag.org by October 7th. All authors selected for publication will be paid for their work.