is running through green grass,

daffodils, open field, riding horseback

down an old country road

until a path through the woods, only

the horse knows to go

Freedom is bathing sunlight

basking in its glow

Freedom is walking slow

Freedom is

riding a Harley for fun, not just for show

skinny dippin' in the summertime

being all alone on a Friday night

Freedom is a long cry

Freedom is walking a mile with no cars passing by

Freedom is lying on your back and watching the sky

Freedom is not having to lie

Freedom is quiet

laughter at family gatherings

waiting for crawfish to boil

pure olive oil left in natural hair

creating something rare

Angela Cagnolatti has written more than a hundred poems and performed some of them. She also sings and is a visual artist and a hair stylist. She is the mother of a teen-aged daughter and a native of Jackson, Mississippi.