meekest must the bees be to inherit
sighs of an earth bright streaming. pale milk

color of stream. marble beguilement. summer sight

breaking over squarewise homes like a too long branch. as breathe in
breath out loose
the winter cat things from me.

ambiguity of feeling. wet fluoride. the stars and symbol hearts

swelling in the chaos
carbon medley. the breath
in comes and i am
filled with bees.

heartspin. the heart,
buzzing, flutters.

every morning throat filled with
honey and green acid, clover, sticking
with tonsil fire and fresh larvae. the burn of
honey from the heart-sweetening muscles
boiled out to candy.

my fingers engine a hot operation
shirt jacket summer sweep the sweet rose in the park.

i am praying to stretch apart
the jaw and loose the bees
unsuspecting upon the retrospective

bee and the cat things here
unto each their own cannot be countermanded and each
the opposite of the other.

in my love i love to be lovely.
and if you can hear me clank while i eat my mouth is made of
the precious metals i give unto you.

Ryan Morris is a graduate of Appalachian State University. His writing has also been published in McSweeney's Internet Tendency, although this work is not poetry and he would urge you not to read it. He currently lives and works in Raleigh, NC, in a little white house with a bright blue porch.