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Interrupting the mind
can be deliverance.
Every navy seal in me
tells me this is real,

this is how little drummer boy
gets to be front page news.

I want to be front page news.

The best and worst of me
splattered on faces
in America, a chosen accessory

of those who need to make
sharp things shine.
A butcher house tune or

is that a nursery rhyme?
A thousand miles from some place

safer than a burning barn,
selling the future on tables of wood

glowing      with      hammers     and nails.

Daniel Edward Moore

Daniel Edward Moore’s poems have been published in journals such as: The Spoon River Poetry Review, Rattle, Columbia Journal, New South, and others. He has poems forthcoming in Weber Review, Broad Street, 2 Bridges Review, The Tule Review, The Good Men Project and The Chaffin Journal.
He lives in Washington on Whidbey Island. His recent book, “Confessions Of A Pentecostal Buddhist," can be found on Amazon. His work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
Visit Daniel at Danieledwardmoore.com