Holy communion
blasphemed as you
consumed them
each blast light
snuffed dark
empty stomach
tethered puppet
turned Holy
ground un-whole
rifle unraveled
8 stitches down
a single thread
unzipped 3 generational
lines as you walked
down each aisle
26 lights snuffed
out on Sunday
1 unborn
mother pregnant
with promise father
filled with light
in his eyes all
turned ashes
darkness is never satisfied
empty stomach always
looking for something
to devour but death
cannot swallow light
their buried bodies
will bear fruit
in due season
broken bodies consumed
new ones will feast
enemies will watch them
eat at home

Millicent Campbell is a Speech-Language Pathologist, poet, and
writer living in Houston, TX. Millicent works in the public school system
helping children with language differences communicate. She is currently
working on her debut poetry collection that intertwines her southern heritage, race, gender, and faith.